Thursday, April 7, 2011


The past 2 weeks have been interesting to say the least. Two weeks ago Brock and I went on a date, which ended in us deciding to move. WOW! Talk about spontaneous. I guess it was something that we had both thought about for a variety of reasons and after discussing it...what more can I say then we both felt like it was the right thing for our family at this time. With family in the real estate business, everything happened fast and smooth. Three days after we made the decision, we had a FOR SALE sign in our yard. As one can did not take long before the phone started ringing and the rumors started spearding. When something feels right, you have to have faith and go with it. I have experienced this many times in my life and have always been blessed. So with faith we take this journey...not knowing where it will lead us.
Brynn was jumping the the trampoline at Grandma and Grandpa Wilks' last Sunday night with her cousins. Isaac came is yelling that Brynn was hurt. Brock carried her in and she cried and cried, stating that her left leg hurt. I could move it and saw no obvious deformities...therefore, I encouraged her to stop crying, sat her down on the couch and put some ice on it. I went to work shortly after that. Brock text me stating that he thought we should bring her in for an x-ray. She had not settled down in 3 hours and still would not put weight on it. I was reluctant....I am a ER nurse what can I say. However if Brock felt like we should get her checked I was on board. We did a x-ray outpatient, I love having friends in the business, and sure enough it was BROKEN!! Boy did I ever feel silly. Here I was thinking she was just being dramatic because she had a sleep deprived weekend. I put her in a splint and the next day we took her to her pediatrician. The fracture is stable, however due to the location she can not bear weight on it for 3 weeks and will be in her cast for 6 weeks. She has been a trooper, never complaining and very content. Her cast is PINK and goes from her upper thigh to the bottom of her toes. We carry her around everywhere and even have to help her use the restroom. Being 29 weeks pregnant and having a 18 month old this has been very interesting. However we are adjusting, well I might add. It is time for this mommy to get creative...any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

House update...Our house has been shown a dozen times in the 2 weeks it has been on the market. NO offers yet....but we are trying to be patient. We found a house last week that we both fell in love with. Great location, beautiful yard and below budget. We made a full price offer the day it came on the market, contingent on the selling of our house. We hoped and stressed all weekend only to find out on Monday that someone had came after us and made a full price offer, with no contingencies. So to sum it up we did not get the house. Monday was a bad day. My daughter just broke her leg and would be totally dependent for 3 weeks and we lost this house we loved. Although I have shed many tears over the matter, I feel peace that we will be led to our new destination when the time is right. For now I continue to keep my house in tip top shape never knowing then a Realtor might call and want to show it.....just another stresser I need now! ha ha!!


Tawny Crane said...

Wow, you defiantly have your hands full. Good luck!!!!

Sky @ Capital B said...

Holy Cow- when it rains it pours I guess! Congrats on a new move! I love your faith when it comes to trusting that the timing and your needs will fall into place. I'd say you are very lucky to have shown a dozen times in two weeks! Your house is beautiful and no doubt someone will fall in love with it too! Does Dallin have any ride on toys in your house? Coop had a fire engine one and Ry has a musical one. They love pushing each other around on it. Maybe Brynn could sit on that (even though it would be small) for you to push her from room to room? Just a thought! :) Good luck with everything, Laci!

Laci said...

Push around toys are are a great idea. We have many. We are getting a wheelchair in the next couple of could be interesting!

ty.haley.t-dog.p.babyg said...

Hey there girlie! Good luck with your house and congrats on soon-to-be baby number 4! Do you know if it's a girl or boy? So I'm sure you have heard...Ty took a job with you guys. So...Poky here we come! We will have to play! Well, can't wait! Call me when you get a few...we will make some BIG plans!

Josh, Lundyn and Quincy Stuart said...

I say buy that girl a skateboard and let her lay on it and scoot! Poor thing! Good luck with your house girlie! Miss you guys!